About Blair & Suzanne


Early in our career, we became discouraged from time to time. We would attend a seminar or workshop and feel like we almost understood everything.  Almost just doesn’t get it anymore! We set out to change the way most photographers view workshops, speaking and mentoring.

Our team puts your anxiety at ease the moment you walk through the doors. It doesn't matter if you have been photographing for years making millions or you are really unsure what shutter speed actually is.  Our goal is to break it down to ensure that you “get it.”  We basically turn our business inside out and share everything we can.

I want you to be in the trenches with me and truly understand what goes into creating the looks that we are shooting for. I spent a lot of time thinking I could never get to the next level but with some time and hard work I did and you can too.

We photograph over 500 studio sessions per year as well as 15-20 weddings so my passion for people and photography is as real as it gets. We have a huge new facility with all sorts of thing to play with and as educators, it is our sole responsibility and burning desire to leave a lasting impact in your work, studio and life.